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Who I Am

My name is Christian, I am 19 years old and I am from Frankfurt, Germany. I started my Dropshipping business right after I turned 18 in March 2019.

My main goal is to build an audience of like-minded people by sharing the most value possible on my YouTube channel and in my Facebook group. I would love to help you succeed at dropshipping.

Let Us Create A Like-Minded Community Together

My private Facebook group is the perfect space to exchange ideas and to help each other. We happily welcome everybody who is ambitious to succeed at dropshipping. 

On my YouTube channel I reveal all tips, tricks and tools that I successfully use for my own Dropshipping business.

The best thing is: You can join completely for free!


Currently, I do not offer any kind of mentoring or coaching as I do not want to exchange my time for money. Maybe I will create a paid course about Shopify Dropshipping in the future. However, I have not started to work on it yet. If you want me to keep you updated about my paid course, make sure to join my private Facebook group.

If you have questions about Dropshipping, make sure to join my private Facebook group and ask them over there. If you are interested in a business cooperation or if you are the representative of a brand, please send me an email to: youtube@christianalbrecht.org

I am from Germany, and I currently live there too.

New Articles From My Blog

Let´s Optimize Your Business!
I am going to send you emails about the following topics:
1. How to optimize your Facebook Ads & scale to $5,000 per day quickly.
2. How to optimize your Shopify store to get a conversion rate of 5% or higher.
3. How to find winning products that are proven to sell.
4. How to find cheap suppliers with 5-day shipping.
I am not trying to sell you a paid course or such!