Paid Online Surveys – Scam or huge Opportunity?

Who does not dream of earning money from home by taking online surveys? Imagine the freedom and flexibility in your life that goes with it. But are Paid Online Surveys really profitable or are they just a big scam?

How do Paid Online Surveys work?

Let us start by talking about the reasons for online surveys and the system behind. Online surveys are initiated by brands who intend to receive information about a specific group of people. This information helps brands to adapt and improve their products so that they will earn more money in the future. Therefore, brands pay market research companies to run surveys. As a result, market research companies will look for participants and pay them for participation. Understanding this system might give you a different perspective on paid online surveys. Paid online surveys that are run by certified companies are, therefore, not a scam but a win-win-situation for participants, market research companies and brands.

How profitable are Paid Online Surveys?

Paid Online Surveys will definitely not make you rich! Anyway, participants are paid between $1 and $50 for surveys that take between 10 minutes and 2 hours. I have even heard of some surveys paying up to $200 which are very rare though and take some more time. In order to make the most profit from online surveys, I would suggest you to sign up for more than one site and make it a habit of taking a few surveys every week.

Who are Paid Online Surveys for?

If you are interested in taking Paid Online Surveys, I would advise you to consider it as a part time job with lots of flexibility. Paid online surveys might be very attractive for stay at home parents or students who are interested in earning some cash during their holidays. Nonetheless, everyone who wants to earn some extra money should consider taking them because they do not require specific qualifications and they are pretty straightforward to take. Anyway, please be aware that not all surveys are suited for everyone. A company that sells motorcycles might not be interested in people who have never ridden a motorcycle. However, most market research companies recommend only surveys that are suited for their users.

Which sites offer the best Paid Online Surveys?

I cannot answer this question for everyone as it depends on the interests of every participant and on the kind of surveys that are offered by the specific sites. In my opinion, the sites listed below are the best in terms of reliability, income potential and number of surveys. In fact, I have already registered to several sites, but most of them stopped traffic during the last years. TimeBucks and ZenSurveys are the only sites I am still using regularly:

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