Missing Progress Of My Journey To Financial Freedom

It has been 5 days ago that I officially announced my project, whether I can become financially free at the age of 18 by earning money on the internet. Now it should be time to talk about my progresses, shouldn´t it? Unfortunately, there is nothing I could talk about because I haven´t made any yet.

What have I done the last few days?

In fact, I have daily spent more than 8 hours on trying out and researching for methods to easily earn lots of money on the internet. I came across many YouTube videos that promise to give you a secret by which you will succeed immediately. Listening to all these YouTubers who have already succeeded, everything sounds logical and straightforward. However, by trying it out yourself, you will realize that the reality is quite harder. I have spent money and time on trying out the suggested methods, such as affiliate marketing, search engine advertising and social media advertising. None of them has worked for me yet.

What I definitely do not want to say by this is that all these YouTubers are lying. I do not doubt that some of them earn thousands of dollars a month by passive income on the internet. But there is one aspect what most of them do not really talk about: it probably takes months of trial and error to get into the position they are right now. In my opinion, video titles such as “Earn $100 in one hour with this little trick” or “Earn $100 while you are sleeping” are exaggerated in order to get more video views.

How am I going to proceed?

I strongly believe that I will succeed in my journey to financial freedom in the future. However, it has become clear to me that it will require several months of learning, trying and failing. I am really sorry that I cannot provide any specific information at the moment that helps you to earn money yourself. Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I am not able to show you how things are done as an expert. Instead, I am going to show you my journey during which I find out how things are done and how to become an expert.

2 thoughts on “Missing Progress Of My Journey To Financial Freedom

  1. Hi there. Its a bold challenge you have here and I wish you the best of luck. Passive income is tough, it will take time to see the fruits of your labour and there are no guarantees you will ever achieve your fortune doing it. I applaud you for being aware and talking so well about the FIRE movement. I only wish I had your spirit at 18! Good luck, and if you ever need any practical advice, hit me up.


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