My Personal Reasons To Become Financially Free

Considering the fact that I am only 18 years old, it might seem dubious why I already care about financial freedom without ever earning money before. Most people are happy to become financially free before they turn 60. However, I have pretty clear reasons why I started this journey.

Journey to financial freedom and financial happiness

First of all, what is financial freedom?

Wikipedia says this:

Financial independence means you have enough wealth to live on without working.[1][dead link] Financially independent people have assets that generate income (cash flow) that is at least equal to their expenses.


Shortly, financial freedom means to relax for the rest of your life, doesn´t it? It might be the incentive for many people, but this is definitely not the reason why I want to achieve financial freedom.

My inspiration for financial freedom

In fact, what I am most afraid of is to work for the rest of my life for somebody else and doing the same tasks over and over again. I do not ever want to become an employee because I am only motivated to work for myself and my personal goals. If I manage to become financially free, I will be able to work on whatever I would like to. So financial freedom means to me freedom of choice. In fact, I have never thought of relaxing for the rest of my life, if I succeed in my journey.

Financial freedom means freedom of choice

Additionally, my second inspiration for financial freedom is that I consider it as a personal challenge. I have always liked challenges in my childhood because they motivated me to work for a specific goal. I realized that challenges make me overcome my comfort zone and make me work on myself. Moreover, I also like the fact that my success completely depends on myself and my own decisions. If you want to read more about the advantages of facing challenges, I would recommend you to read this article.

The challenge to become financially free

To draw a conclusion, I do not want to become financially free at the age of 18 in order to relax for the rest of my life afterwards. This is definitely not my definition of happiness and fulfillment. Instead, I desire to become financially free because it gives me personal freedom and I enjoy the challenging journey to get there.

If you are interested in getting to know why I think that I will become a social media influencer in the future, I would recommend you to read this article of my blog.

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