Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Huge Opportunity To Earn Money Online – Review

On my journey to financial freedom at the age of 18, I have done lots of research for finding ways to earn money on the internet. Last week, I came across the term “affiliate marketing” and the affiliate network “MaxBounty” which I am going to explain you in this article. Many people on the internet consider affiliate marketing as the most profitable way to earn money online without past experience. In this article, I am going to tell you about my first experiences with it as a beginner.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

There are three parties involved in affiliate marketing: businesses, customers and affiliates. Businesses have products which they intend to sell to customers on the internet. Let us take the contrived company “BestProtein” as an example that intends to sell protein powder. BestProtein looks for so called affiliates, such as me, who sell their protein powder to customers so that the businesses need to spend neither time nor money on online advertising. Whenever a customer buys protein powder from my link, I will be paid a commission by BestProtein for selling their product. However, affiliate marketing does not only work for selling products. You can also earn money for sign ups, clicks etc. depending on your contract.

How Do Affiliates Sell Affiliate Products On The Internet?

Affiliate’s use so called traffic sources to sell products. Traffic sources enable affiliates to advertise their products. Such traffic sources can be Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Google Ads, Bing Ads and many more. One needs to keep in mind that affiliates need to pay advertising fees and, therefore, take the whole risk. If I spent $100 on an advertising campaign for the protein powder of BestProtein, I would not be refunded in case nobody buys it from my link. However, social media traffic is still extremely cheap in 2019. At the moment, you can reach 1000 people by spending $1 on Facebook ads. If you are interested in reading more about the prices of social media advertisement, I would recommend you to read this article. In addition, I would advise you to start affiliate marketing with a small budget so that you get a feeling for the efficiency of your advertisements (“Learning by doing”).

How Can You Actually Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you intend to give affiliate marketing a try, you need to enter an affiliate network in the first place. Affiliate networks enable a marketplace for businesses and affiliates. Businesses offer campaigns and determine the action they want their customers to perform, e.g. sign ups, email submits, sells, downloads, clicks etc. Affiliates can choose between these campaigns and advertise them to customers. They get paid whenever a customer performs the predefined action after clicking on the affiliate link. Imagine this: you can be paid $2.50+ whenever a person submits his/ her email after clicking on your link! This might sound like a scam, but it is actually true. For instance, email submits could be for newsletters, surveys etc. If you start affiliate marketing, you will come across that yourself.

Why I Signed Up For The Affiliate Network “MaxBounty”

So I signed up for the affiliate network MaxBounty. MaxBounty is the most popular affiliate network with the greatest range of different campaigns to advertise. 20,000 affiliates have signed up for it yet and all of them are satisfied with weekly, reliable payments. In addition to that, every affiliate has a responsive affiliate manager who will further tell you how to set everything up. Your affiliate manager will always help you, if you have any questions or problems. I think that MaxBounty is the best affiliate network to start with.

In order to sign up for MaxBounty, you need to fill out some forms and make a phone call to your affiliate manager. I can definitely understand, if you feel a little insecure about talking to a stranger on the phone. However, this is necessary if you want to enter any affiliate network (not only MaxBounty). They just want to make sure that you are really serious about it. Do not worry, they will definitely accept you, if you listen to your affiliate manager and answer his/ her questions. You can sign up here.

What To Do After Signing Up?

After signing up, you want to choose a campaign, advertise it and earn money 😉 Let me tell you in more detail about how it works in my next blog posts. I am currently focussed on running my first campaigns myself and I do not want this article to become too long. In the future, I will also have some more personal experience. To draw a conclusion, I think starting affiliate marketing was my first step to my goal of becoming financially free at the age of 18. I do not know yet how things will turn out, but I think that it is a huge opportunity. Let me keep you informed on my blog.

If you want to know why I am sure that I will become a social media influencer in the future, read this article.

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