Why You Need To Give A Fuck About Your Parent´s Opinion In Order To Succeed

Though this sounds like a click bait, it is definitely not. Since I started my journey to financial freedom at the age of 18 two weeks ago, I have faced several obstacles. In fact, the most difficult ones were conflicts with my parents who intend to convince me that I am naive. Although I am trying to ignore what they say, it is quite hard and it often leaves room for doubts.

Why Do We Care About The Opinion Of Our Parent´s?

I think it is quite natural that people care about the opinion of their parents. There might be some exceptions for sure, but who does not want one´s parents to be proud of oneself? I personally know that my parents have been preparing my future for several years and that they have put lots of effort on my welfare. Additionally, I know that I can always trust my parents and that they always want the best for me.

But I think this is exactly the point. They assume that what they think, what was best for us is the same as what is best for us. It is quite hard to understand the difference, isn´t it? All parents have specific expectations of who they want their children to become. Unfortunately, most of them forget that their children might refuse their expectations because they have absolutely different goals. This is a frequent reason why many children break off contact with their parents later.

Why My Goals Do Not Conform To The Expectations Of My Parents

My parents have pretty typical expectations of me: they want me to get good grades in school, go to university and finally get a well-paid job because this is their definition of a successful life. However, I have pretty different goals which gives them sleepless nights. As mentioned before, I have the intention to become financially free at the age of 18 by earning money on the internet. In addition to that, I am going to found my own Online Marketing Agency in a few days and I just uploaded my first YouTube video.

You might ask why this was problematic, taking into consideration that I am only 18 years old. Actually, my parents absolutely distrust the internet and all kinds of online transactions. They think that all money I am investing at the moment on social media advertisements for affiliate marketing was wasted. In addition to that, they want me to get some years of work experience before starting my own business and they laugh about my YouTube channel. My father says that I appeared silly and that I would probably give it up after a few weeks. Summarily, I am a naive little boy who overestimates himself in their eyes.

What Advice Can I Give To You?

To keep it short and simple: you need to give a fuck on your parent´s opinion. But be aware that this is only applicable, if your parents have the intention to hinder you from realizing your dreams. I do not want anybody to start conflicts with their parents without a specific reason. This is definitely not my intention behind writing this blog post. However, I am not going to let my parents stop me on my journey to financial freedom and I hope you will not let your parents stop you from your goals. If you are in a similar situation as I am at the moment, I wish you all the best!

If you are interested in reading about my first approach to passively earn money on the internet, I would recommend you to read this article.

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