3 Unconventional Growth Strategies To Promote Your YouTube Channel As A Beginner

What is the best YouTube strategy? It certainly is to regularly upload high-quality videos. However, most people who try to grow their YouTube channel professionally might have noticed that nobody watches their videos at the beginning. If we take a closer look how people come across YouTube videos, the reasons become quite clear.

There are two ways how people can come across your YouTube channel without knowing about it: one of your videos either appears in the YouTube search after they searched for a specific tag (picture 1) or it is suggested to them by the YouTube algorithm, e.g. on the front page (picture 2) or while they are watching a different video (picture 3).

Picture 1 – YouTube search
Picture 2 – YouTube Front Page
Picture 3 – Video Suggestion

Studies have shown that the majority of YouTube views can be traced back to the video suggestion by the YouTube algorithm. Unfortunately, the YouTube algorithm suggests only videos with high engagement (views, likes, comments). These are interpreted as high-quality videos. So what can you do as a beginner that the YouTube algorithm starts to suggest your videos to people who do not know about your channel yet?

1. Comment On Other People´s Videos

YouTube Comments

In my opinion, commenting is the most efficient growth strategy to promote your YouTube channel as a beginner. To be honest, most people scroll down to the comment section while they are watching a video.

However, you need to comment smartly. First of all, you only want to comment on videos that are related to your niche. My YouTube channel is about financial freedom and earning money on the internet and I only want to comment on similar videos as mine.

Additionally, you do not want to actively prompt other people to check out your YouTube channel. Nobody cares about comments such as “Follow my channel!!!”. Instead, you want to give a short feedback to the video the comments are about and then indirectly refer to your YouTube channel. Let me give you an example of an appropriate comment to a video about earning money on the internet of the YouTuber ABC:

Hey ABC! I just want to tell you that I really like this video. It provides such valuable information. I think I am going to try out your presented strategies to earn money on the internet. Your tips are just fantastic.

In fact, you inspired me to set up my own YouTube channel. I intend to record my journey, whether I can become financially free at the age of 18 by earning money online. What is your opinion of that? Do you think that it is possible?

Such comments are a great way to promote your YouTube channel. In order to make your comments rank higher, I would recommend you to comment immediately after the video was published. So make sure that you subscribe to as many YouTube channels of your niche as possible and turn on the notifications on your smartphone.

2. Ask People On Other Social Media Platforms

Direct Social Media Messaging

It might appear pretty silly to ask hundreds of people to view your videos but this strategy works amazing for me. I daily write to about 50 people on Instagram and ask them to view my first YouTube video. 20 of them will finally do it and this is completely sufficient. Most of them like my video and they also leave a comment, if I ask them. The number of comments and likes in relation to the number of views of a video is also an important criterion for the YouTube algorithm and it is extremely high on my first video. Though many of you might doubt that this was an efficient YouTube growth strategy, I can only recommend you to start doing it. After all, you I generate a minimum of 100 views every 5 days just by doing that.

3. Tell Everyone You Know About Your YouTube Channel

I know it might not be easy for everyone, but it is crucial if you want to succeed: tell everyone you know about your YouTube channel. The people you know will probably be your biggest fans at the beginning because people naturally like to watch videos of their friends. One of my classmates started a YouTube channel about beauty and fashion a few months ago. Although this is a topic I have never spent my time on, I have watched several videos of her.

In addition to that, chances are high that your friends will tell some of their friends of your YouTube channel and your popularity will spread without your involvement.

Some Last Words…

Do you have the intention to professionally grow your YouTube channel though you are far away from it at the moment? Then you are exactly like me! 🤗 I just uploaded my first video few days ago (check it out below this article👇). The low engagement sucks though I am trying anything to promote my YouTube channel… Please tell me in the comment section, if you have similar goals as I have so that we can connect and grow together. If you want to know why I already know that I am going to succeed in my goal to become a social media influencer one day, you should read this article.

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