Shopify Dropshipping Store Setup – The Highest Converting Structure Of A Dropshipping Store

In this video, I am going to show you step by step how to set up a (Shopify) Dropshipping Store that scientifically has the highest converting structure for e-commerce. I start by talking about the 3 different types of online stores and give some reasons why you should use a one product store for your Dropshipping business. Afterwards, I am going to show you how to efficiently set up the landing page and the checkout page of your one product store and give some insider tips and tricks along the way.

1. One Product Store

1.1 Types Of Online Stores

  • General Store
  • Niche Store
  • One Product Store

1.2 General Information

  • Your store offers a single product only
  • Your brand is presented as the inventor of the product you sell
  • An example of a professional One Product Store:

1.3 The Benefits Of A Product Store

  • Your brand is perceived as the expert for the product you are selling
  • Your product can be presented as unique
  • No competition with big online store, e.g. Amazon, Ebay etc.
  • You can sell more expensively
  • Easier processing of orders
  • Faster and easier store setup
  • Better focus of marketing

2. Store Setup

2.1 Initial Preparation

  • Find a brand name that is related to your product
  • Create a beautiful logo
  • Purchase a custom domain (“”)
  • Use a consistent color pattern

2.2 Landing Page – Basics

  • Segmented into sections
  • Each section has the same structure: heading, content, button
  • Use a consistent color pattern

2.3 Landing Page Section Structure

  1. General information
  2. Product description
  3. Benefit summary
  4. Application information
  5. Brand story
  6. Buyer personas
  7. Product reviews
  8. Social media references
  9. Information about shipping, refunds etc.
  10. References to legal texts

2.4 Buyer Personas

  • Fictional persons many of your customers can identify with
  • Requires many customers and insights
  • Collect data with surveys (with Hotjar)
  • Make use of storytelling

2.5 Checkout Page

  • Clean and professional
  • Be careful with scarcity elements
  • Include a benefit summary
  • Use trust icons

2.6 Effective Add-Ons

  • Email/ Messenger opt-in pop-up (use “ManyChat”)
  • Chat plug-in (use “ManyChat”)
  • Surveys (use “Hotjar”)
  • Use analytics and tracking (use “Hotjar” and “Google Analytics”)

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