How To Become A Pro Dropshipper – The Difference Between Making 0€/Day and 1000€+/Day With Dropshipping

This video deals with the requirements to become a professional Dropshipper and it covers the difference between making 0€/day and making 1000€+/day with (Shopify) Dropshipping. There are basically 4 different requirements to become a professional Dropshipper: knowledge, experience, problem solving skills and a winning mindset. The more you master each of them, the better you will be at Dropshipping and the more profits will you make.

Requirements For Professional Dropshipping

  1. Knowledge
  2. Experience
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Winning mindset

1.1 Knowledge That You Need For Professional Dropshipping

  • Be aware of all tips and strategies that are used to increase the profitability of a Dropshipping business
    • Social Proof
    • Scarcity
    • Trust
    • etc.

1.2 How To Acquire Knowledge For Dropshipping

  • Courses
  • YouTube videos
  • Books
  • Blog articles
  • Discussions

1.3 General Tips

  • Use as many different knowledge sources as possible
  • Stick to different publishers

2.1 Experience That You Need For Dropshipping

  • Learn how to apply knowledge based on your business
    • Adapt product description to product price
    • Adapt marketing to audience
  • Make observations on your own

2.2 How To Get Experience For Dropshipping

  • Start running ads and see what happens
  • Improve your strategy along the way
  • Learn from what you are doing wrong

3.1 Problem Solving Skills

  • You will face hundreds of problems
  • Identify problems and find solutions
  • Any problem can be solved

3.2 How To Solve Any Problem

  • Search for solutions for your problem
  • Exchange with people who used to have the same problem
  • Have a winning mindset

4.1 Winning Mindset For Dropshipping

  • Setback = valuable experience
  • Quitting = failure
  • Stay consistent and NEVER give up

4.2 Why You Can Always Make Money With Dropshipping

  • Profitable Dropshipping: profit > ad spend
  • Higher demand = higher price
  • The demand only increases if ads are still profitable for some businesses
  • Dropshipping/ online marketing are always profitable for some people

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