How To Satisfy Your Customers With Dropshipping

In this video, I am going talk about how you can make your Dropshipping customers happy. That is actually a hard task as a Dropshipper as you are expensively selling products that you do not see or touch yourself. However, it is still possible by following the smart strategies revealed in this video.

1.1 Benefits Of Customer Satisfaction

  1. CLV (= customer lifetime value)
  2. Good feedback score on Facebook
  3. Fewer refunds
  4. Fewer complaints
  5. Word of mouth recommendation
  6. Ethical correctness

1.2 Facebook Feedback Score

Check the feedback scores of your Facebook pages here:

2. The 4 Main Customer Complaints

  • Long shipping
  • Bad product quality
  • Strange packaging
  • Bad customer support

2.1.1 Long Shipping

  • Provide a tracking number
  • Send out an email sequence
  • Store products in a third-party warehouse
  • Up-front transparency

2.1.2 Email Sequence Structure

2.1.3 Providing A Free Gift

  • Write a booklet about a topic that is related to your products (does not work for a general store)
  • Get inspiration from blog articles
  • Focus on providing value

2.2 Bad Product Quality

  • Only sell products with 90%+ 4-star and 5-star reviews
  • Do not set unrealistic expectations

2.3 Strange Packaging

  • Tell your supplier on AliExpress that you are dropshipping his products
  • Create custom packages and send them to your supplier

2.4 Bad Customer Support

  • Answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours
  • Use ZenDesk to send predefined answers (“macros”)
  • Hire virtual assistants (=VAs)

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