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In this video, I am going to show you how to create viral video ads for Facebook and Instagram. I begin by introducing you to Animoto which is my video-editing program. Afterwards, I present you a few metrics inside the Facebook Ads Manager that you can use to analyse the performance of your video ads.

In the third chapter, I am going to introduce you to the structure of viral video ads as they all have specific patterns that you can easily replicate. Then I go on by creating a video ad in practice step by step. Finally, I am going to tell you more about “Split Testing” which is an extremely effective method to find better video ads.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Introducing Animoto (1:10)
  2. Understanding Video Data (5:25)
  3. The Structure Of Viral Video Ads (11:09)
  4. Creating A Video Ad In Practice (18:55)
  5. Split Testing (26:11)

1. Introducing Animoto

* This section cannot be summarised on paper. Please watch the video in order to get all information. *

2. Understanding Video Data

2.1 Key Metrics

  1. Average watch time (e.g. 10 seconds)
  2. Video percentage watched (e.g. 20%)
  3. CTR (= click-through rate) (e.g. 2%)

2.2 Customer Journey

  1. step: Impression
  2. step: 3-second video view
  3. step: 95% of video watched
  4. step: Link click

3. The Structure Of Viral Video Ads

3.1 Components

  1. Creative
  2. Ad Copy
  3. Thumbnail

3.2 Creative

  1. Scroll stopper (2-5 seconds)
  2. Product demonstration (15-40 seconds)
  3. Call-to-Action (2-5 seconds)
  4. Logo display (2 seconds)

3.3 Ad Copy

  1. Hook
  2. 3 selling points
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA)

3.4 Thumbnail

  1. Controversial/ weird
  2. Raise questions
  3. Use eye-catching colors

4. Creating A Video Ad In Practice

4.1 How To Get Video Material

  1. Copying ads
  2. Looking up video clips on YouTube, Facebook, AliExpress etc.
  3. Recording video clips on your own

5. Split Testing

  1. Create multiple video ads and let them run against each other
  2. Some ads are better than others
  3. Once you found the best video ad, pause the rest

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