[FREE COURSE] Launching A Dropshipping Product 6,895.37€ In The First 7 Days (Dropshipping Q4 in Germany)

In this free Shopify dropshipping course, I am going to show you exactly how I launched a new dropshipping product to 6,895.37€ in sales in the first 11 days with Facebook Ads targeting Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I start by giving you some information about my launched product and about the marketing angles that I use to sell it. Afterwards, I reveal multiple tips and tricks that helped me to optimise and increase my conversion rate and average order value. The third chapter covers my entire Facebook Ad Launch Strategy. You can say that this chapter is an entire free dropshipping course on its own.

Next, I talk about how I automatised the order fulfillment and customer support for my store. I end this video by talking about the future plans for my product as I do not want to stop after the launching phase.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. My Product
  2. Optimising CR & AOV
  3. Facebook Ad Strategy
  4. Order Fulfillment
  5. Customer Support
  6. Future Plans

1.1 My Product

1.1 General Information

  1. Gift for someone you love
  2. Requires customisation after purchase
  3. Very emotional reactions
  4. Starting price: 29,99€ (switched to 34,99€ later on)

1.2 Marketing Angles

  1. “Give this to someone as an expression of your love”
  2. “Buy a present that comes from the heart”

2. Optimisation

2.1 Increasing Conversion Rate

  1. “Cart Present Trick”
  2. Product video
  3. Image reviews
  4. 30-day money back guarantee
  5. Live chat feature
  6. Product page split-testing

2.2 Increasing Average Order Value

  1. “Variant upsell”
  2. Pre-purchase upsell
  3. Quantity breaks
  4. Shipping method upsell

3. Facebook Ad Strategy

3.1 Creative Testing Phase

  1. Check out my YouTube video about how to create Facebook video ads
  2. Turn off ad sets, if impressions > 2500 (automated rule)
  3. Compare “cost per unique content view” to evaluate best video ad

3.2 Interest Testing Phase

  1. The more interest test campaigns you run, the faster will you collect data
  2. Random interests work as well
  3. If ad spent >= breakeven CPP, pause interest and replace with a new one
  4. Once you identified 4-5 profitable interests within 1 campaign, start scaling (phase 4)

3.3 LAA Testing Phase

  1. Wait for 750+ events (the more data, the better)
  2. Do not pause ad sets
  3. Turn off campaign, if…
    1. … ad spent >= 2 x breakeven CPP and purchases = 0
    2. … ad spent >= 4 x breakeven CPP and still unprofitable

3.4 Scaling

  1. Only scale campaigns that generated at least 8 sales and were profitable the past 3 days
  2. Scaling by increasing the budget (no duplication)
  3. Increase budget by 20%-100% every 3 days depending on the profitability in the past 3 days

4. Order Fulfillment

  1. Automatically done by an agent in China
  2. I contacted multiple agents in China and chose the one who offers the lowest price
  3. Join my Facebook group and contact me for my agent

5. Customer Support

  1. Use Shopify app “Reamaze”
  2. I am hiring German VAs using https://mytalent.io” for 5,00€/ hour

6. Future Plans

  1. Building up a private label brand (branded product, branded packaging)
  2. Creating a lifestyle around the product (influencer marketing)
  3. Expand to alternative ad platforms (Google, YouTube and Pinterest)

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