[Dropshipping Myth] Why You Need To CREATE Winning Products Yourself

Winning Dropshipping products that automatically sell after uploading them into your Shopify store are a myth. Unfortunately, most Dropshippers think it is not. However, winning products need to be created by marketing them in an enticing way that causes an emotional reaction which makes people buy.

Of course, product research tools like Oberlo, AliShark, Ecomhunt, Pexda, Dropship Spy, Niche Scraper, Asify, Salesource and Intelligynce can be helpful to get new product ideas. Anyway, you should not rely on them too much.

In this YouTube video I am going to show you exactly how to market dropshipping products the right way.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Winning products – expectations vs. reality [2:03]
  2. How a product can be sold in multiple ways (“do not switch products, switch product angles”) [3:37]
  3. Applying 3 consumer psychology strategies [9:50]

1. Winning Products

1.1 Expectations

  1. The goal of Dropshipping is to test as many products as possible until you find one that people automatically buy

1.2 Reality

  1. The goal of Dropshipping is to find a marketing angle on a product that solves a pain point
  2. People buy products because of their benefits

2. How A Single Product Can Be Sold In Multiple Ways

  1. (Most) products have multiple benefits/ reasons to buy them
  2. People buy because of the benefit that appeals to them most
  3. Focus on one marketing angle only
  4. Present your product based on that marketing angle
  5. If your marketing angle is not appealing to enough people, test a different one
  6. Only consider to switch products after every marketing angle failed

3. Applying 3 Consumer Psychology Strategies

3.1 The Imagination Technique

  1. You need to get people to imagine how they use your product in their head
  2. Example:
  3. “Imagine the overwhelming reaction of your boyfriend when he opens the explosion box and sees all photos of your last holiday on Bali. Imagine the way he will look into your eyes and tell you ‘I love you back’.“

3.2 The Power Of Clarity

  1. Clear and simple product descriptions make people read more which increases the chance of persuading them to buy
  2. Use short and simple words and sentences
  3. Include a paragraph after every 2-3 sentences
  4. Embolden the most important words
  5. Use some emojis

3.3 Benefit Specification

  1. Be extremely specific about why your product is the best
  2. Example:
  3. “The explosion box is the best present you have ever seen because it comes from the heart. It is not a gift that you quickly buy and then forget about. Instead, you need to spend time on customising it in a personal way by picking images that display the best moments you had with a person you love. You will remember the explosion box for a long time as it is attached to strong emotions … “

My Book Recommendation: “Cashvertising” By Roger Dawson

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