10 Unknown Shopify Apps To Make More Money With Dropshipping In 2020 (Product Reviews, Upsells etc.)

In this video, I am going to present you 10 unknown Shopify apps that will instantly increase your profits by 50%. Shopify apps can be extremely powerful used in the right way.

Besides an upsell, review, email marketing and countdown timer app, you will learn about many apps that you never thought they exist. Here is a list of all apps presented in this video: Gift On Order, In Cart Upsell, Page Speed Optimizer, Ultimate Sales Boost, Reamaze, Klaviyo, Instafeed, Upsell Now, AliReviews and Sticky Cart by Uplinkly.

I strongly believe that these are the best app from the Shopify app store for Dropshipping in 2020 and I use all of them myself.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Gift On Order [0:35]
  2. In Cart Upsell [1:45]
  3. PSO [2:46]
  4. USB [3:16]
  5. Reamaze [4:00]
  6. Klaviyo [5:29]
  7. Instafeed [8:25]
  8. Upsell Now [9:36]
  9. AliReviews [11:00]
  10. Sticky Cart [11:49]

1. Gift On Order

  1. Automatically adds a gift product to your cart
  2. Usage for my “Cart Present Trick”
  3. $9/ month

2. In Cart Upsell

  1. Enables product recommendations in the cart
  2. Upselling without user interruption
  3. Prospects can view product pages
  4. Free plan available

3. Page Speed Optimizer

  1. Increases page loading speed with 1 click
  2. Fast loading speed = happy customers & higher CR
  3. Free

4. Ultimate Sales Boost

  1. Best app for creating urgency
  2. Offers multiple countdown timers
  3. Free

5. Reamaze

  1. Best app for customer support
  2. Makes answering customer inquiries fast and organized
  3. Answer inquiries from multiple channels (email, social media, live chat etc.)
  4. Answer ad comments
  5. Use macros
  6. $20/ month

6. Klaviyo

  1. Best email marketing app
  2. Professional email creation
  3. Endless email sequences for prospects, checkout abandonment and customers etc.
  4. A/B split testing
  5. $20+/ month (depends on email list size)
  6. Cheaper alternative: Abandonment Protector ($8/ month)

7. Instafeed

  1. Displays Instagram posts on your website
  2. Builds trust and social proof
  3. Consider higher page loading speed
  4. Free

8. Upsell Now

  1. For pre-purchase upsell popups
  2. Triggered after ATC or IC button is pressed
  3. Warning: disruptive user experience
  4. Free plan available

9. AliReviews

  1. Best review app for dropshipping
  2. Imports product reviews and pictures to your product page
  3. All reviews are customisable
  4. Layout is completely customisable to your store
  5. Looks very professional
  6. $9/ month

10. Sticky Cart By Uplinkly

  1. Makes ATC button always accessible
  2. Makes acting fast and easy
  3. Can skip cart and direct to checkout
  4. Free plan available

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