Automating A Shopify Dropshipping Store | 5.000€/Day Working 1 Hour

In this video, I am going to show you exactly how to automate a Shopify Dropshipping store. This video covers how to automate the following things of your Dropshipping store:

– Customer support (Virtual Assistants, Email marketing & FAQ)

– Order fulfillment (Dropshipping Agent in China)

– Accounting (Accounting software)

– Advertising (Video ad creation & campaign adjustments)

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Customer support
  2. Order fulfillment
  3. Accounting
  4. Advertising

1. Customer Support

1.1 What To Deal With

  1. Customer inquiries
  2. Ad comments

1.2 How To Automate

1.2.1 FAQ

  1. Answer all possible questions about your product
  2. Regularly add new questions
  3. Use Shopify app “Reamaze”

1.2.2 Email Marketing

  1. Shipping updates (send extra emails for long shipping times)
  2. Product usage instructions

1.2.3 Virtual Assistants

  1. (English & German VAs)
  2. Intensive incorporation
  3. Use “Reamaze”
  4. Communication on Skype/ Slack
  5. Low salary also means low quality
  6. Never hire for less than 4€/ hours

2. Order Fulfillment

2.1 Dropshipping With An Agent

  1. Automatic order fulfillment (Dianxiaomi)
  2. Payments in advance (Transferwise)
  3. Prepared stock
  4. Check reliability (response time, fulfillment time)
  5. 30 orders/ day are required
  6. Contact me for my agent (‘Jack Zhou’)

3. Accounting

  1. Use accounting software (e.g. SevDesk)
  2. Hire an account
  3. Inform about ways to save taxes in your country

4. Advertising

4.1 Automating Video Ad Creation

  1. Hire video editor (ecommerce experience)
  2. Fiverr
  3. Check reliability
  4. The more you spent, the more you get

4.2 Automating Campaign Adjustments

  1. Use automated rules
  2. Hire an agency

-> I still do it myself

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