Sell These 3 Winning Dropshipping Products In 2020

In this video, I am going to present you the easiest way to start Shopify dropshipping as a beginner in 2020.

1. Find A Proven Winning Product

  1. 1M+ Facebook video views
  2. People comment about purchase
  3. Multiple AliExpress listings with 1000+ orders
  4. A lot of media content
  5. 4,8+ rating on AliExpress
  6. Multiple Amazon listings with hundreds of reviews

2. Set Up A Professional Shopify Store

  1. One product store
  2. Custom domain
  3. Model competitors & try to make it better

3. Set Up A Product Page That Sells

  1. Free shipping
  2. Product video
  3. Customer reviews
  4. Guarantee
  5. FAQ
  6. Testimonial
  7. Benefit summary
  8. 1-2 benefit images

4. Set Up An Upsell Funnel

  1. Variant upsell
  2. Popup upsell
  3. Recommendation upsell
  4. Shipping method upsell
  5. Order confirmation page upsell
  6. Email upsells

5. Create A Viral Facebook Video Ad

  1. Outstanding scroll stopper
  2. Link multiple 3-5s video clips together
  3. Include animations, if possible
  4. Show multiple people using your product
  5. Show facial expressions
  6. CTA at end of video

6. Deliver Your Ads To The Right People

  1. Test audiences
  2. Try demographic, interest, LAA & CA targeting
  3. Scale profitable audiences
  4. Pause unprofitable audiences

7. Set Up A Retargeting Funnel

  1. Set up abandoned checkout email sequence
  2. Test to collect emails with a pop up
  3. Consider using Messenger marketing instead of email marketing
  4. Retarget people with Facebook Ads: 75% VV, 95% VV, VC, ATC, IC
  5. Create seperate video/ picture ads for retargeting
  6. Consider using YouTube Ads

8. Trouble Shooting

  1. Identify drop-offs & fix them
  2. If cheap clicks, but low CR: improve product page
  3. If expensive clicks, but high CR: improve video ad or change targeting

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