AliExpress Message Template

Hey there! 

My company is dropshipping “__YOUR_PRODUCT__” to the United States since last week and the results are already very promising. We are already getting lots of orders per day and I assume that we can bring this product up to 100+ orders per day until the end of next week. 

We are now looking for a reliable supplier. Are you interested in working with us? If yes, please contact us on Skype “__YOUR_SKYPE_ID__”.

We will not have a look into our AliExpress messages. So if you do not contact us on Skype, we will not see your response and we will work with your competitors. Thanks for your understanding!

Kind regards,


Supplier Questions

  1. How many orders can you potentially ship per day to the United States, Canada etc.?
  2. Can we send you our order details with *.csv files? 
  3. Can you ship with YunExpress or YanWen?
  4. Could you please enter your prices and shipping times into this file (download the file & send it to your supplier):

6 thoughts on “Finding Cheap Suppliers With 7-Day Shipping (Resources)”

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  2. Nisim Biton

    Im still waiting for your email.
    As your banner on the site said…you will send an email with tips for dropshipping and much more.

    1. Hey Nisim!

      Thanks for your comment. In my emails, I keep people updated about my new YouTube videos that contain tips fro dropshipping and more. Does that make sense?

      Kind regards,

  3. Abhishek Ghimire

    Hey CHristian ??
    WHat do u think about the present situation in China !!
    All those floods and hate and the virus of course !!!
    How reliable are the suppliers and the agents in CHina ??

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