My Favorite Books

The Irresistible Offer

This book taught me why people buy things in general.

Ecommerce Evolved

This book taught me the principles of a successful ecommerce/ dropshipping business.


This book taught me how to get the consumer interested in our products.

The Adweek Copywriting Guide

This book taught me how to write compelling product descriptions that actually sell.

My Favorite Tools


I use RevealBot to automate my Facebook Ads. With RevealBot, you can automatically pause bad performing and duplicate good performing campaigns, ad sets and ads. You can also adjust your daily on autopilot.


IWorker is an agency that finds skilled virtual assistants for me. I hire my customer support reps, graphic designer, video editors and finance manager using IWorker.

EzExporter By Highview Apps

I automatically export my new Shopify orders and send them to my supplier via email every day with EZExporter.


I synchronise tracking numbers from the *.csv files from my supplier with the orders in my Shopify store with MassFulfill.

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