How To Make Facebook Video Ads In 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping & Ecommerce

In this video, I am going to show you how to create viral video ads for Facebook and Instagram. I begin by introducing you to Animoto which is my video-editing program. Afterwards, I present you a few metrics inside the Facebook Ads Manager that you can use to analyse the performance of your video ads.

In the third chapter, I am going to introduce you to the structure of viral video ads as they all have specific patterns that you can easily replicate. Then I go on by creating a video ad in practice step by step. Finally, I am going to tell you more about “Split Testing” which is an extremely effective method to find better video ads.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Introducing Animoto (1:10)
  2. Understanding Video Data (5:25)
  3. The Structure Of Viral Video Ads (11:09)
  4. Creating A Video Ad In Practice (18:55)
  5. Split Testing (26:11)

1. Introducing Animoto

* This section cannot be summarised on paper. Please watch the video in order to get all information. *

2. Understanding Video Data

2.1 Key Metrics

  1. Average watch time (e.g. 10 seconds)
  2. Video percentage watched (e.g. 20%)
  3. CTR (= click-through rate) (e.g. 2%)

2.2 Customer Journey

  1. step: Impression
  2. step: 3-second video view
  3. step: 95% of video watched
  4. step: Link click

3. The Structure Of Viral Video Ads

3.1 Components

  1. Creative
  2. Ad Copy
  3. Thumbnail

3.2 Creative

  1. Scroll stopper (2-5 seconds)
  2. Product demonstration (15-40 seconds)
  3. Call-to-Action (2-5 seconds)
  4. Logo display (2 seconds)

3.3 Ad Copy

  1. Hook
  2. 3 selling points
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA)

3.4 Thumbnail

  1. Controversial/ weird
  2. Raise questions
  3. Use eye-catching colors

4. Creating A Video Ad In Practice

4.1 How To Get Video Material

  1. Copying ads
  2. Looking up video clips on YouTube, Facebook, AliExpress etc.
  3. Recording video clips on your own

5. Split Testing

  1. Create multiple video ads and let them run against each other
  2. Some ads are better than others
  3. Once you found the best video ad, pause the rest

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How To Satisfy Your Customers With Dropshipping

In this video, I am going talk about how you can make your Dropshipping customers happy. That is actually a hard task as a Dropshipper as you are expensively selling products that you do not see or touch yourself. However, it is still possible by following the smart strategies revealed in this video.

1.1 Benefits Of Customer Satisfaction

  1. CLV (= customer lifetime value)
  2. Good feedback score on Facebook
  3. Fewer refunds
  4. Fewer complaints
  5. Word of mouth recommendation
  6. Ethical correctness

1.2 Facebook Feedback Score

Check the feedback scores of your Facebook pages here:

2. The 4 Main Customer Complaints

  • Long shipping
  • Bad product quality
  • Strange packaging
  • Bad customer support

2.1.1 Long Shipping

  • Provide a tracking number
  • Send out an email sequence
  • Store products in a third-party warehouse
  • Up-front transparency

2.1.2 Email Sequence Structure

2.1.3 Providing A Free Gift

  • Write a booklet about a topic that is related to your products (does not work for a general store)
  • Get inspiration from blog articles
  • Focus on providing value

2.2 Bad Product Quality

  • Only sell products with 90%+ 4-star and 5-star reviews
  • Do not set unrealistic expectations

2.3 Strange Packaging

  • Tell your supplier on AliExpress that you are dropshipping his products
  • Create custom packages and send them to your supplier

2.4 Bad Customer Support

  • Answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours
  • Use ZenDesk to send predefined answers (“macros”)
  • Hire virtual assistants (=VAs)

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How To Become A Pro Dropshipper – The Difference Between Making 0€/Day and 1000€+/Day With Dropshipping

This video deals with the requirements to become a professional Dropshipper and it covers the difference between making 0€/day and making 1000€+/day with (Shopify) Dropshipping. There are basically 4 different requirements to become a professional Dropshipper: knowledge, experience, problem solving skills and a winning mindset. The more you master each of them, the better you will be at Dropshipping and the more profits will you make.

Requirements For Professional Dropshipping

  1. Knowledge
  2. Experience
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Winning mindset

1.1 Knowledge That You Need For Professional Dropshipping

  • Be aware of all tips and strategies that are used to increase the profitability of a Dropshipping business
    • Social Proof
    • Scarcity
    • Trust
    • etc.

1.2 How To Acquire Knowledge For Dropshipping

  • Courses
  • YouTube videos
  • Books
  • Blog articles
  • Discussions

1.3 General Tips

  • Use as many different knowledge sources as possible
  • Stick to different publishers

2.1 Experience That You Need For Dropshipping

  • Learn how to apply knowledge based on your business
    • Adapt product description to product price
    • Adapt marketing to audience
  • Make observations on your own

2.2 How To Get Experience For Dropshipping

  • Start running ads and see what happens
  • Improve your strategy along the way
  • Learn from what you are doing wrong

3.1 Problem Solving Skills

  • You will face hundreds of problems
  • Identify problems and find solutions
  • Any problem can be solved

3.2 How To Solve Any Problem

  • Search for solutions for your problem
  • Exchange with people who used to have the same problem
  • Have a winning mindset

4.1 Winning Mindset For Dropshipping

  • Setback = valuable experience
  • Quitting = failure
  • Stay consistent and NEVER give up

4.2 Why You Can Always Make Money With Dropshipping

  • Profitable Dropshipping: profit > ad spend
  • Higher demand = higher price
  • The demand only increases if ads are still profitable for some businesses
  • Dropshipping/ online marketing are always profitable for some people

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Making An Unprofitable Dropshipping Store Profitable | Trouble Shooting Your Dropshipping Strategy

This video covers the issue most new (Shopify) Dropshippers face: they cannot make their Dropshipping business profitable. I am going to show you all strategies that you can use in order to solve this issue. Some of my strategies will take lots of time to set them up but they are necessary to become a professional (Shopify) Dropshipper and turn your business to the next level.

1. When Is My Dropshipping Store Unprofitable?

  1. Calculate your profit margin for every sale
  2. Calculate your average CPA (=cost per acquisition)
  3. If CPA > Profit, your Dropshipping store is unprofitable

2. The 4 Components Of (Profitable) Dropshipping

2.1 Product

  • Your product has a new feature or it solves a problem that no other product does
  • Your product is impressive and has a “wow effect”
  • Your product leads to an impulsive purchase decision
  • Your product is proven to sell, i.e. that other Dropshippers are profitably selling it

2.2 Creative

  • Creative = picture/ video that is used for advertisement on social media
  • Test 4 or more different creatives and analyse which one is most appealing to your audience
  • The first 1-2 seconds (“scroll stopper”) are the most important ones
  • Use professional video editing tools, e.g. Animoto or Blender
  • Spy on the ads of your competitors (using Facebook Ads library or other paid tools)
  • Goals:
    • High CTR (click-through-rate): 2%+
    • High engagement (likes, comments, shares)
    • High watch time: 30%+
  • Benefits:
    • Lower CPM (=cost per 1,000 people reached)
    • Lower CPC (=cost per click)

2.3 Ad Strategy

  • Make use of Facebook Pixel
  • Be aware that the Facebook algorithm needs data to properly optimise
  • 50+ conversions/ 7 days for each ad set are recommended
  • Make use of…
    • Look-A-Like Audiences
    • Retargeting
    • CBO (=campaign budget optimisation)
    • Breakdowns
  • Goal: only deliver your ads to the people who are most likely to purchase from you

2.4 Online Store/ Landing Page

3. Find Out How People Perceive Your Marketing Strategy

  • Try to find out how people perceive your product, creative, landing page
  • Your perception ≠ your potential customer´s perception
  • Goals
    • Answer all questions people might have before purchasing from you
    • Find reasons that hinder people from buying
    • Handle objections

3.1 Surveys

  • Ask online store visitors questions that help you to improve your strategy
  • Wait for at least 10 responses and try to find patterns
  • Interesting survey questions:
    • “What would be the main reason not to purchase from us?”
    • “What don´t you like about …?”
    • “What do you like most about our product?”

3.2 DM People On Instagram

  • Requirement: run your ads from your Instagram page

  • DM everyone who liked or commented your ad video

3.3 Analyse Screen Recordings And Heatmaps Of Your Landing Page

  • Screen recordings show how a customer interacted (clicking, scrolling etc.) with your page and what they saw
  • Heatmaps summarise all screen recordings
  • Number #1 tool: Hotjar

4. Discuss Your Strategy With Dropshipping Experts

  • You will likely overlook something
  • You can exchange knowledge and experience
  • Two persons will always see more than one
  • You can ask for advice

4.1 Find Dropshipping Experts In Facebook Groups

  • Be kind and respectful so that people want to cooperate with you
  • Give & take
  • Think before you ask

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Shopify Dropshipping Store Setup – The Highest Converting Structure Of A Dropshipping Store

In this video, I am going to show you step by step how to set up a (Shopify) Dropshipping Store that scientifically has the highest converting structure for e-commerce. I start by talking about the 3 different types of online stores and give some reasons why you should use a one product store for your Dropshipping business. Afterwards, I am going to show you how to efficiently set up the landing page and the checkout page of your one product store and give some insider tips and tricks along the way.

1. One Product Store

1.1 Types Of Online Stores

  • General Store
  • Niche Store
  • One Product Store

1.2 General Information

  • Your store offers a single product only
  • Your brand is presented as the inventor of the product you sell
  • An example of a professional One Product Store:

1.3 The Benefits Of A Product Store

  • Your brand is perceived as the expert for the product you are selling
  • Your product can be presented as unique
  • No competition with big online store, e.g. Amazon, Ebay etc.
  • You can sell more expensively
  • Easier processing of orders
  • Faster and easier store setup
  • Better focus of marketing

2. Store Setup

2.1 Initial Preparation

  • Find a brand name that is related to your product
  • Create a beautiful logo
  • Purchase a custom domain (“”)
  • Use a consistent color pattern

2.2 Landing Page – Basics

  • Segmented into sections
  • Each section has the same structure: heading, content, button
  • Use a consistent color pattern

2.3 Landing Page Section Structure

  1. General information
  2. Product description
  3. Benefit summary
  4. Application information
  5. Brand story
  6. Buyer personas
  7. Product reviews
  8. Social media references
  9. Information about shipping, refunds etc.
  10. References to legal texts

2.4 Buyer Personas

  • Fictional persons many of your customers can identify with
  • Requires many customers and insights
  • Collect data with surveys (with Hotjar)
  • Make use of storytelling

2.5 Checkout Page

  • Clean and professional
  • Be careful with scarcity elements
  • Include a benefit summary
  • Use trust icons

2.6 Effective Add-Ons

  • Email/ Messenger opt-in pop-up (use “ManyChat”)
  • Chat plug-in (use “ManyChat”)
  • Surveys (use “Hotjar”)
  • Use analytics and tracking (use “Hotjar” and “Google Analytics”)

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The Ultimate Blueprint Of My 1000€/ Day Shopify Dropshipping Business

In this video, I talk about the way I structure and organize my Dropshipping Business that currently makes me 1000€/ Day revenue (my profit margin is usually about 20%).

I start by shortly explaining the term “Dropshipping” and how you can make money from it. The key to make money from Dropshipping is to make more profits by selling products in your Shopify store than to spend on social media advertisement. Social media platforms are great for acquiring new costumers on the internet and provide a huge opportunity.

However, we need to find a product before we can start selling. I talk about the 3 requirements for products that can easily be sold on the internet (“winning products”). Additionally, I also talk about sales funnels which are an extremely powerful way to increase the money customers spent on your online shop.

Finally, I mention some ways to automatise a Dropshipping Business that generates more than 10 orders a day while giving some additional tips along the way.

Before I end this video, I inform you about the legal requirements for Dropshipping which play an essential role and should not be neglected.

Customer Acquisition

  • Can be done by using social media platforms
  • Social media platforms enable you to reach millions of people and provide extremely detailed tracking and analytics
  • The most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google, Snapchat
  • The goal is to make more profits than to spend on advertisement
  • The goal is to turn every new website visitor into either a prospect or ideally into a costumer

Finding A “Winning Product”

  • Winning products are products that can easily be sold on the internet as they grab people´s attention
  • There are 3 requirements for winning products: they solve a common problem, they instantly grab people´s attention, they are unsaturated
  • It is not easy to find them

Sales Funnels

  • Sales funnels can consist of 3 different components: Upsells, Downsells, Cross-sells
  • Sales funnels increase the average order value/AOV (=money spent on your online shop with every purchase)
  • They are extremely powerful, but hard to set up

Scaling Your Dropshipping Business

  • Scaling a Dropshipping Business is only possible by automating several processes
  • The order process can be automatised by bulk ordering
  • The customer support can be automatised by hiring Virtual Assistants (VA´s) via Upwork
  • Negotiate prices with your supplier outside of AliExpress when you bulk order

Additional Tips

  • Be aware of your spending and expenses
  • Analyse your customers and try to find commonalities
  • Find like-minded Dropshippers by joining Facebook groups or attending seminars
  • Reinvest your entire profit in tools and education in order to create a compounding effect

Legal Requirements

  • Inform about all legal requirements for importing a product into the countries you are selling to
  • Make sure your online shop is in conformity with the laws of the countries your are selling toInform about all legal requirements for importing a product into the countries you are selling to
  • Hire an accountant as soon as you can afford one
  • Do not forget to include taxes in your profit calculation

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