Sell These 3 Winning Dropshipping Products In 2020

In this video, I am going to present you the easiest way to start Shopify dropshipping as a beginner in 2020.

1. Find A Proven Winning Product

  1. 1M+ Facebook video views
  2. People comment about purchase
  3. Multiple AliExpress listings with 1000+ orders
  4. A lot of media content
  5. 4,8+ rating on AliExpress
  6. Multiple Amazon listings with hundreds of reviews

2. Set Up A Professional Shopify Store

  1. One product store
  2. Custom domain
  3. Model competitors & try to make it better

3. Set Up A Product Page That Sells

  1. Free shipping
  2. Product video
  3. Customer reviews
  4. Guarantee
  5. FAQ
  6. Testimonial
  7. Benefit summary
  8. 1-2 benefit images

4. Set Up An Upsell Funnel

  1. Variant upsell
  2. Popup upsell
  3. Recommendation upsell
  4. Shipping method upsell
  5. Order confirmation page upsell
  6. Email upsells

5. Create A Viral Facebook Video Ad

  1. Outstanding scroll stopper
  2. Link multiple 3-5s video clips together
  3. Include animations, if possible
  4. Show multiple people using your product
  5. Show facial expressions
  6. CTA at end of video

6. Deliver Your Ads To The Right People

  1. Test audiences
  2. Try demographic, interest, LAA & CA targeting
  3. Scale profitable audiences
  4. Pause unprofitable audiences

7. Set Up A Retargeting Funnel

  1. Set up abandoned checkout email sequence
  2. Test to collect emails with a pop up
  3. Consider using Messenger marketing instead of email marketing
  4. Retarget people with Facebook Ads: 75% VV, 95% VV, VC, ATC, IC
  5. Create seperate video/ picture ads for retargeting
  6. Consider using YouTube Ads

8. Trouble Shooting

  1. Identify drop-offs & fix them
  2. If cheap clicks, but low CR: improve product page
  3. If expensive clicks, but high CR: improve video ad or change targeting

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Sell These 3 Winning Dropshipping Products In 2020

In this video, I am going to present you 3 winning Shopify Dropshipping products that you can start selling in 2020. For every product, I am going to analyse Dropshipping competitors who are successfully selling the product with Instagram and Facebook Ads.

I also take a look at the product listings on AliExpress and their sales statistics. Furthermore, I explain exactly why people would buy the product and why it is a winning product.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Personalised moon lamp (1:42)
  2. Back stretcher (7:48)
  3. Massage sandals (14:15)

1. Personalised Moon Lamp

1.1 Competitor Analysis: DiyGift

  1. Store: Click here
  2. Facebook page: Click here
  3. Marketing angle: gift for someone you love
  4. Huge improvement potential

1.2 Why People Buy

  1. Very personal
  2. Unusual gift
  3. For special events (birthday, anniversary etc.)

-> Evergreen product

1.3 What I Would Do

  1. Replicate “Diygift” (product page, video ad)
  2. Use consistent color pattern
  3. Remove unprofessional scarcity elements
  4. Customer reviews
  5. Starting price: $49.99 (increase later)
  6. YouTube influencer marketing
    • Send sample
    • Make them give it to a loved person on camera
    • Embed video on product page
    • Use emotional reaction as scroll stopper

2. Back Stretcher

2.1 Competitor Analysis: Bodytherapie Pro

  1. Store: Click here
  2. Facebook video ad: Click here
  3. Marketing angle: solution for back pain
  4. Very good product page and video ad

2.2 Why People Buy

  1. Back pain relief
  2. Improves posture
  3. Easy usage
  4. Comfortability

2.3 What I Would Do

  1. Replicate “Bodytherapie Pro” almost exactly (product page, video ad)
  2. Improve top of product page
  3. Starting price: $34.99 (increase later)
  4. Video testimonials
    • Send samples to people on Fiverr
    • Let them make a fake review on camera
    • They should emphasise how the back stretcher helped them to solve their back pain and get a better posture
    • Embed testimonials on product page
    • Use testimonials for retargeting and social media pages

3. Massage Sandals

3.1 Why People Buy

  1. Health benefits
  2. Easy usage
  3. Comfortability
  4. Feels pleasantly

3.2 What I Would Do

  1. One product store
  2. Product inventor
  3. Starting price: $34.99 (increase later)
  4. Investment in media content
  5. Video testimonials
    • Send samples to people on Fiverr
    • Let them make a fake review on camera
    • They should emphasise the benefits of the massage sandals
    • Embed testimonials on product page
    • Use testimonials for retargeting and social media pages

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Automating A Shopify Dropshipping Store | 5.000€/Day Working 1 Hour

In this video, I am going to show you exactly how to automate a Shopify Dropshipping store. This video covers how to automate the following things of your Dropshipping store:

– Customer support (Virtual Assistants, Email marketing & FAQ)

– Order fulfillment (Dropshipping Agent in China)

– Accounting (Accounting software)

– Advertising (Video ad creation & campaign adjustments)

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Customer support
  2. Order fulfillment
  3. Accounting
  4. Advertising

1. Customer Support

1.1 What To Deal With

  1. Customer inquiries
  2. Ad comments

1.2 How To Automate

1.2.1 FAQ

  1. Answer all possible questions about your product
  2. Regularly add new questions
  3. Use Shopify app “Reamaze”

1.2.2 Email Marketing

  1. Shipping updates (send extra emails for long shipping times)
  2. Product usage instructions

1.2.3 Virtual Assistants

  1. (English & German VAs)
  2. Intensive incorporation
  3. Use “Reamaze”
  4. Communication on Skype/ Slack
  5. Low salary also means low quality
  6. Never hire for less than 4€/ hours

2. Order Fulfillment

2.1 Dropshipping With An Agent

  1. Automatic order fulfillment (Dianxiaomi)
  2. Payments in advance (Transferwise)
  3. Prepared stock
  4. Check reliability (response time, fulfillment time)
  5. 30 orders/ day are required
  6. Contact me for my agent (‘Jack Zhou’)

3. Accounting

  1. Use accounting software (e.g. SevDesk)
  2. Hire an account
  3. Inform about ways to save taxes in your country

4. Advertising

4.1 Automating Video Ad Creation

  1. Hire video editor (ecommerce experience)
  2. Fiverr
  3. Check reliability
  4. The more you spent, the more you get

4.2 Automating Campaign Adjustments

  1. Use automated rules
  2. Hire an agency

-> I still do it myself

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I Made 33907,11€ In 7 Days… Here´s How (Shopify Dropshipping)

In this video, I am going to show you exactly how I was able to earn 33907,11€ in 7 days selling only one Shopify Dropshipping product.

I am going to reveal multiple strategies that I use to optimize my Shopify Dropshipping business, specifically product page optimization, funnel optimization and facebook ad optimization.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Product Page Optimization
  2. Funnel Optimization
  3. Facebook Ad Optimization

1. Product Page Optimization

1.1 Split Testing

1.1.1 Theory

  1. You never know what works
  2. Split test 3+ landing pages
  3. Compare metrics and make evaluation

1.1.2 Test Procedure

1.1.3 Comparison Metrics

  1. Test each landing page for 3+ days
  2. If visitors > 1000, compare PUR CR
  3. If visitors < 1000, compare IC/ ATC CR

1.1.4 Components To Vary

  1. Images
  2. Description
  3. Video
  4. Price
  5. Scarcity

1.1.5 Conclusion

  1. Only vary 1 component at a time
  2. The more you vary components, the better
  3. The more you test, the better

1.2 Increase Time Spent

1.2.1 Theory

  1. People first inform, then buy
  2. The more time spent, the higher CR
  3. Goal: draw people´s interest and make them inform about your product

1.2.2 Visualisation

  1. Use a product video
  2. Include pictures in description
  3. Use headings in different color from text

1.2.3 Simplification

  1. Use multiple headlines
  2. Use short words and sentences
  3. Use paragraphs every 2-3 sentences
  4. Embolden text

1.3 Spying On Competitors

1.3.1 Theory

  1. Spy on competitor´s business
  2. Do not copy, replicate instead

1.3.2 Things To Spy On

  1. Landing page (images, description, price etc.)
  2. Online shop
  3. Email marketing
  4. Ads

2. Funnel Optimization

2.1 Pre-purchase Upselling

2.1.1 Theory

  1. Goal: increasing AOV
  2. Upselling/ cross-selling before or during checkout

2.1.2 Strategies

  1. Popups
  2. “Variant upsell”
  3. Shipping upsell
  4. Quantity breaks
  5. Bundles

2.2 Post-purchase Upselling

2.2.1 Theory

  1. Goal: increasing CLV
  2. Upselling/ cross-selling after first purchase

2.2.2 Strategies

  1. Upselling on order confirmation page
  2. Upselling using email marketing

3. Facebook Ad Optimization

3.1 Creative Optimization

3.1.1 Theory

  1. Goal: decreasing ad cost
  2. Continous creative testing
  3. You never know what works
  4. The more testing, the better

3.1.2 Comparison Metrics

3.2 Audience Optimization

3.2.1 Theory

  1. Goal: increasing conversions
  2. 80% offer+creative/ 20% audience
  3. The more testing, the better

3.2.2 Strategy

  1. Pause unprofitable audiences
  2. Scale profitable audiences
  3. Test interest targeting, LAA targeting, CA targeting, demographic targeting
  4. Replicate successful audiences

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10 Unknown Shopify Apps To Make More Money With Dropshipping In 2020 (Product Reviews, Upsells etc.)

In this video, I am going to present you 10 unknown Shopify apps that will instantly increase your profits by 50%. Shopify apps can be extremely powerful used in the right way.

Besides an upsell, review, email marketing and countdown timer app, you will learn about many apps that you never thought they exist. Here is a list of all apps presented in this video: Gift On Order, In Cart Upsell, Page Speed Optimizer, Ultimate Sales Boost, Reamaze, Klaviyo, Instafeed, Upsell Now, AliReviews and Sticky Cart by Uplinkly.

I strongly believe that these are the best app from the Shopify app store for Dropshipping in 2020 and I use all of them myself.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Gift On Order [0:35]
  2. In Cart Upsell [1:45]
  3. PSO [2:46]
  4. USB [3:16]
  5. Reamaze [4:00]
  6. Klaviyo [5:29]
  7. Instafeed [8:25]
  8. Upsell Now [9:36]
  9. AliReviews [11:00]
  10. Sticky Cart [11:49]

1. Gift On Order

  1. Automatically adds a gift product to your cart
  2. Usage for my “Cart Present Trick”
  3. $9/ month

2. In Cart Upsell

  1. Enables product recommendations in the cart
  2. Upselling without user interruption
  3. Prospects can view product pages
  4. Free plan available

3. Page Speed Optimizer

  1. Increases page loading speed with 1 click
  2. Fast loading speed = happy customers & higher CR
  3. Free

4. Ultimate Sales Boost

  1. Best app for creating urgency
  2. Offers multiple countdown timers
  3. Free

5. Reamaze

  1. Best app for customer support
  2. Makes answering customer inquiries fast and organized
  3. Answer inquiries from multiple channels (email, social media, live chat etc.)
  4. Answer ad comments
  5. Use macros
  6. $20/ month

6. Klaviyo

  1. Best email marketing app
  2. Professional email creation
  3. Endless email sequences for prospects, checkout abandonment and customers etc.
  4. A/B split testing
  5. $20+/ month (depends on email list size)
  6. Cheaper alternative: Abandonment Protector ($8/ month)

7. Instafeed

  1. Displays Instagram posts on your website
  2. Builds trust and social proof
  3. Consider higher page loading speed
  4. Free

8. Upsell Now

  1. For pre-purchase upsell popups
  2. Triggered after ATC or IC button is pressed
  3. Warning: disruptive user experience
  4. Free plan available

9. AliReviews

  1. Best review app for dropshipping
  2. Imports product reviews and pictures to your product page
  3. All reviews are customisable
  4. Layout is completely customisable to your store
  5. Looks very professional
  6. $9/ month

10. Sticky Cart By Uplinkly

  1. Makes ATC button always accessible
  2. Makes acting fast and easy
  3. Can skip cart and direct to checkout
  4. Free plan available

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[Dropshipping Myth] Why You Need To CREATE Winning Products Yourself

Winning Dropshipping products that automatically sell after uploading them into your Shopify store are a myth. Unfortunately, most Dropshippers think it is not. However, winning products need to be created by marketing them in an enticing way that causes an emotional reaction which makes people buy.

Of course, product research tools like Oberlo, AliShark, Ecomhunt, Pexda, Dropship Spy, Niche Scraper, Asify, Salesource and Intelligynce can be helpful to get new product ideas. Anyway, you should not rely on them too much.

In this YouTube video I am going to show you exactly how to market dropshipping products the right way.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Winning products – expectations vs. reality [2:03]
  2. How a product can be sold in multiple ways (“do not switch products, switch product angles”) [3:37]
  3. Applying 3 consumer psychology strategies [9:50]

1. Winning Products

1.1 Expectations

  1. The goal of Dropshipping is to test as many products as possible until you find one that people automatically buy

1.2 Reality

  1. The goal of Dropshipping is to find a marketing angle on a product that solves a pain point
  2. People buy products because of their benefits

2. How A Single Product Can Be Sold In Multiple Ways

  1. (Most) products have multiple benefits/ reasons to buy them
  2. People buy because of the benefit that appeals to them most
  3. Focus on one marketing angle only
  4. Present your product based on that marketing angle
  5. If your marketing angle is not appealing to enough people, test a different one
  6. Only consider to switch products after every marketing angle failed

3. Applying 3 Consumer Psychology Strategies

3.1 The Imagination Technique

  1. You need to get people to imagine how they use your product in their head
  2. Example:
  3. “Imagine the overwhelming reaction of your boyfriend when he opens the explosion box and sees all photos of your last holiday on Bali. Imagine the way he will look into your eyes and tell you ‘I love you back’.“

3.2 The Power Of Clarity

  1. Clear and simple product descriptions make people read more which increases the chance of persuading them to buy
  2. Use short and simple words and sentences
  3. Include a paragraph after every 2-3 sentences
  4. Embolden the most important words
  5. Use some emojis

3.3 Benefit Specification

  1. Be extremely specific about why your product is the best
  2. Example:
  3. “The explosion box is the best present you have ever seen because it comes from the heart. It is not a gift that you quickly buy and then forget about. Instead, you need to spend time on customising it in a personal way by picking images that display the best moments you had with a person you love. You will remember the explosion box for a long time as it is attached to strong emotions … “

My Book Recommendation: “Cashvertising” By Roger Dawson

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[Full Course] Facebook Ads Strategy For Shopify Dropshipping In 2020

This video is an entire Facebook Ads Course for Shopify Dropshipping In 2020. I am going to reveal all my strategies that I use for launching and scaling a new dropshipping product. Additionally, I show you a few steps that you should take before starting with Facebook Ads such as business and domain verification.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. The 2 Main Reasons Why People Fail Facebook Ads (1:29)
  2. Introduction & Preparation (3:26)
  3. General Success Formula (11:00)
  4. Launch Strategy (12:12)
  5. Scaling Strategy (22:31)
  6. Retargeting (27:20)
  7. Ad Fatigue (30:51)

*** Bonus: My Simple Trick To Increase Your Profitability By 20% Immediately

1. The 2 Main Reasons Why People Fail Facebook Ads

1.1 No appealing offer

  1. You are marketing to people
  2. Facebook´s algorithm does not convince people to buy
  3. Facebook´s algorithm helps you to deliver your ads to the right people

1.2 No willingness to spend money on testing

  1. Making money from Facebook Ads results from testing a lot
  2. Testing costs money
  3. It is impossible to be profitable right from the beginning

2. Introduction & Preparation

2.1 Account Overview

2.2 Steps To Take Before Starting

  1. Add a new page and a new ad account to your business
  2. Create a pixel and install it to your Shopify store
  3. Add information about your business: “Business Info”
  4. Verify your domain: “Brand safety” -> “Domain”
  5. Verify your business: “Security center” -> “Business verification”

2.3 Introduction To The Dashboard

* View video *

2.4 Coloumn Setup

2.5 Billing

  1. Use a credit card as your primary payment method
  2. Make sure that Facebook is able to charge your credit card every time
  3. Set up a second payment method just in case

3. General Success Formula

  1. Appealing offer
  2. Appealing creative
  3. Right audience
  4. Lots of pixel data

4. Launch Strategy

4.1 Creative Testing Phase

  1. Create multiple creatives and run them against each other
  2. Goal: find the top performing creative for driving traffic to your online store
  3. Do not expect to get any sales in this phase
  4. Check out my YouTube video about how to create Facebook video ads
  5. Turn off ad set after 2500 impressions (automated rule)
  6. Compare “cost per unique content view” to evaluate best creative

4.2 Interest Testing Phase

  1. Test as many interests as possible
  2. Pause interests that do not convert
  3. Goal: collect data and identify some profitable audiences
  4. The more interest testing campaigns you run, the faster will you collect data
  5. Random interests work as well
  6. If ad spent >= breakeven CPP & purchases = 0, pause interest and replace with a new one
  7. Once you identified 4-5 profitable interests within 1 campaign, start scaling

4.3 LAA Testing Phase

  1. Test as many different LAAs as possible
  2. Launch LAA after 750+ events (the more data the better)
  3. Do not pause ad sets
  4. Turn off campaign, if…
    1. … ad spent >= 2 x breakeven CPP and purchases = 0
    2. … ad spent >= 4 x breakeven CPP and unprofitable

5. Scaling Strategy

  1. Two ways to scale: horizontal and vertical scaling
  2. Horizontal scaling = increasing the number of targeted audiences
  3. Vertical scaling = increasing the budget of targeted audiences
  4. Do horizontal scaling before vertical scaling

5.1 Horizontal Scaling

  1. Goal: identify as many profitable audiences as possible
  2. Always separate interest and LAA testing campaigns
  3. Preparation for vertical scaling

5.2 Vertical Scaling

  1. Goal: get the most out of the audiences that you identified as profitable
  2. Increase campaign budget only (no duplication)
  3. Increase budget, if profitability > 20%
  4. Increase budget by 20%-100% every 3 days depending on the profitability during the past 3 days

***Bonus: My Simple Trick To Increase Your Profitability By 20% Immediately

  1. Duplicate the winning creative from the creative testing phase 3 times into each ad set
  2. After ≈ 20€/ $22 is spent on each copy of the winning creative, compare “cost per unique content view”
  3. Pause the copies with the worst value

Why it works

  1. Each audience is divided into multiple sub-audiences
  2. Each ad is allocated to a sub-audience
  3. If you have 3 ads, you are likely targeting 3 sub-audiences
  4. Some sub-audiences are more profitable than others

6. Retargeting

  1. Launch retargeting once you spent 300€/ $350 per week
  2. Start by targeting people who interacted with your business within the past 3 days (can extend the period if you are profitable)
  3. Consider using Google Ads (Display and YouTube) because you only pay per click
  4. Separate warm and hot retargeting into two different campaigns
  5. Warm retargeting = people who saw your ad before (75% VV, 95% VV, Post Saved etc.)
  6. Hot retargeting = people who saw your website before (VC, ATC, IC)
  7. Be careful with audience overlaps
  8. If unprofitable, add new creatives or decrease time span

7. Ad Fatigue

  1. Ad fatigue means that too many people have seen your creative before and your ad performance suddenly declines
  2. Compare CPM, CTR and average video watch time 3 times per week with values from the past in order to spot a declining performance asap
  3. Solution: make new creatives

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[FREE COURSE] Launching A Dropshipping Product 6,895.37€ In The First 7 Days (Dropshipping Q4 in Germany)

In this free Shopify dropshipping course, I am going to show you exactly how I launched a new dropshipping product to 6,895.37€ in sales in the first 11 days with Facebook Ads targeting Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I start by giving you some information about my launched product and about the marketing angles that I use to sell it. Afterwards, I reveal multiple tips and tricks that helped me to optimise and increase my conversion rate and average order value. The third chapter covers my entire Facebook Ad Launch Strategy. You can say that this chapter is an entire free dropshipping course on its own.

Next, I talk about how I automatised the order fulfillment and customer support for my store. I end this video by talking about the future plans for my product as I do not want to stop after the launching phase.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. My Product
  2. Optimising CR & AOV
  3. Facebook Ad Strategy
  4. Order Fulfillment
  5. Customer Support
  6. Future Plans

1.1 My Product

1.1 General Information

  1. Gift for someone you love
  2. Requires customisation after purchase
  3. Very emotional reactions
  4. Starting price: 29,99€ (switched to 34,99€ later on)

1.2 Marketing Angles

  1. “Give this to someone as an expression of your love”
  2. “Buy a present that comes from the heart”

2. Optimisation

2.1 Increasing Conversion Rate

  1. “Cart Present Trick”
  2. Product video
  3. Image reviews
  4. 30-day money back guarantee
  5. Live chat feature
  6. Product page split-testing

2.2 Increasing Average Order Value

  1. “Variant upsell”
  2. Pre-purchase upsell
  3. Quantity breaks
  4. Shipping method upsell

3. Facebook Ad Strategy

3.1 Creative Testing Phase

  1. Check out my YouTube video about how to create Facebook video ads
  2. Turn off ad sets, if impressions > 2500 (automated rule)
  3. Compare “cost per unique content view” to evaluate best video ad

3.2 Interest Testing Phase

  1. The more interest test campaigns you run, the faster will you collect data
  2. Random interests work as well
  3. If ad spent >= breakeven CPP, pause interest and replace with a new one
  4. Once you identified 4-5 profitable interests within 1 campaign, start scaling (phase 4)

3.3 LAA Testing Phase

  1. Wait for 750+ events (the more data, the better)
  2. Do not pause ad sets
  3. Turn off campaign, if…
    1. … ad spent >= 2 x breakeven CPP and purchases = 0
    2. … ad spent >= 4 x breakeven CPP and still unprofitable

3.4 Scaling

  1. Only scale campaigns that generated at least 8 sales and were profitable the past 3 days
  2. Scaling by increasing the budget (no duplication)
  3. Increase budget by 20%-100% every 3 days depending on the profitability in the past 3 days

4. Order Fulfillment

  1. Automatically done by an agent in China
  2. I contacted multiple agents in China and chose the one who offers the lowest price
  3. Join my Facebook group and contact me for my agent

5. Customer Support

  1. Use Shopify app “Reamaze”
  2. I am hiring German VAs using” for 5,00€/ hour

6. Future Plans

  1. Building up a private label brand (branded product, branded packaging)
  2. Creating a lifestyle around the product (influencer marketing)
  3. Expand to alternative ad platforms (Google, YouTube and Pinterest)

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How To Make Facebook Video Ads In 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping & Ecommerce

In this video, I am going to show you how to create viral video ads for Facebook and Instagram. I begin by introducing you to Animoto which is my video-editing program. Afterwards, I present you a few metrics inside the Facebook Ads Manager that you can use to analyse the performance of your video ads.

In the third chapter, I am going to introduce you to the structure of viral video ads as they all have specific patterns that you can easily replicate. Then I go on by creating a video ad in practice step by step. Finally, I am going to tell you more about “Split Testing” which is an extremely effective method to find better video ads.

0. The Structure Of This Video

  1. Introducing Animoto (1:10)
  2. Understanding Video Data (5:25)
  3. The Structure Of Viral Video Ads (11:09)
  4. Creating A Video Ad In Practice (18:55)
  5. Split Testing (26:11)

1. Introducing Animoto

* This section cannot be summarised on paper. Please watch the video in order to get all information. *

2. Understanding Video Data

2.1 Key Metrics

  1. Average watch time (e.g. 10 seconds)
  2. Video percentage watched (e.g. 20%)
  3. CTR (= click-through rate) (e.g. 2%)

2.2 Customer Journey

  1. step: Impression
  2. step: 3-second video view
  3. step: 95% of video watched
  4. step: Link click

3. The Structure Of Viral Video Ads

3.1 Components

  1. Creative
  2. Ad Copy
  3. Thumbnail

3.2 Creative

  1. Scroll stopper (2-5 seconds)
  2. Product demonstration (15-40 seconds)
  3. Call-to-Action (2-5 seconds)
  4. Logo display (2 seconds)

3.3 Ad Copy

  1. Hook
  2. 3 selling points
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA)

3.4 Thumbnail

  1. Controversial/ weird
  2. Raise questions
  3. Use eye-catching colors

4. Creating A Video Ad In Practice

4.1 How To Get Video Material

  1. Copying ads
  2. Looking up video clips on YouTube, Facebook, AliExpress etc.
  3. Recording video clips on your own

5. Split Testing

  1. Create multiple video ads and let them run against each other
  2. Some ads are better than others
  3. Once you found the best video ad, pause the rest

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How To Satisfy Your Customers With Dropshipping

In this video, I am going talk about how you can make your Dropshipping customers happy. That is actually a hard task as a Dropshipper as you are expensively selling products that you do not see or touch yourself. However, it is still possible by following the smart strategies revealed in this video.

1.1 Benefits Of Customer Satisfaction

  1. CLV (= customer lifetime value)
  2. Good feedback score on Facebook
  3. Fewer refunds
  4. Fewer complaints
  5. Word of mouth recommendation
  6. Ethical correctness

1.2 Facebook Feedback Score

Check the feedback scores of your Facebook pages here:

2. The 4 Main Customer Complaints

  • Long shipping
  • Bad product quality
  • Strange packaging
  • Bad customer support

2.1.1 Long Shipping

  • Provide a tracking number
  • Send out an email sequence
  • Store products in a third-party warehouse
  • Up-front transparency

2.1.2 Email Sequence Structure

2.1.3 Providing A Free Gift

  • Write a booklet about a topic that is related to your products (does not work for a general store)
  • Get inspiration from blog articles
  • Focus on providing value

2.2 Bad Product Quality

  • Only sell products with 90%+ 4-star and 5-star reviews
  • Do not set unrealistic expectations

2.3 Strange Packaging

  • Tell your supplier on AliExpress that you are dropshipping his products
  • Create custom packages and send them to your supplier

2.4 Bad Customer Support

  • Answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours
  • Use ZenDesk to send predefined answers (“macros”)
  • Hire virtual assistants (=VAs)

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